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Reopening Update Message -

As you are probably aware, the government confirmed yesterday that certain year groups in primary schools will soon begin to return to school. To enable this to happen and to ensure the safety and well-being of all pupils and staff, Swale Academies Trust is completing rigorous risk assessments in all schools. 

Our school is now preparing the site for wider reopening and ensuring that the right equipment is in place.  A phased return of Reception, Years 1 and 6 will start from Monday 8th June.  This will be a staggered start with year groups returning over a couple of weeks and detailed information about new arrangements will be shared with parents and carers early next week.


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Head Boy and Girl Blog


October 2019

Hello, my name is Mia and my name is Kieran. We are this year’s head boy and head girl of Regis Manor Primary School. We are really looking forward to the year progressing and we hope you are too. Weekly, we are hoping to share with you main highlights as the year goes round.

We have both been at this school six years so far, and this year will be our seventh. In our time we have left here we hope to promote and help the school in as many ways as possible.

We wanted to share with you a couple of ideas we had to help the school move forward. One idea was to make the old office a library and for prefects and us to be in there so that other pupils are able to read to us or vice versa at lunchtime. We also thought about having more awards so that children who find work more challenging can gain confidence and get noticed for something like personality or always wearing a big smile on their face.  Keep checking back to see what happens this year!


Kieran and Mia


Welcome back to our blog. In this blog we are going to tell you all about the last 2 days of term 1. On Thursday the 11th of October we had a day packed full of maths. In year 5 and 6 we went to 4 different classes and we moved around and enjoyed the day with the people in our houses (Air, Fire, Earth and Water). We did a range of fun maths activities which included of; making a playground on a budget of £7,000 - we used column addition to make sure that we didn’t go over budget, we also made a fundraising poster and had to plan out what was going to happen at that event.

On Friday 12th we had an R.E. Day, where we made a wreath and put on leaves. As well as this, we made a storyboard and we also made a card for who we were grateful to, which was one of many options of what we could do in that classroom. Each year group had a different religion to focus their day on and in Year 6 we focused ours on Christianity - thinking mainly about thanks giving. We moved between classes with our own classmates and did each activity as a whole class.


Kieran and Mia


November 2019

Hi, in this blog we are going to tell you about last week. In year 6 last week for maths, we did equivalent fractions and in English we started studying Macbeth by Shakespeare. In 6F we had people from family trust come in and teach us about money and how to save it. We also had plastic cups and bounced ping pong balls into them, there were different amounts of points in each one and we had 3 teams (team Matt, team Ravi and team Lucy).

In topic we learnt about the environment and focused mainly on what plastic does to the planet. We learnt that 40 percent of the plastic that is made is only used once. We would like to help the environment and we would like to make the school realise what we do to the planet.

We also had a phase assembly where we talked about staying safe over Halloween and making sure we only knock on peoples’ doors we know and being careful crossing roads.


Mia and Kieran


Hi, let’s start this off by saying that we hope you enjoyed the fireworks - if you went.

In Years 5 and 6 this term we have been learning in science about space, because of this on Friday 8th November we had the Astrodome come into school. The man who came in, showed us the difference in items weight depending on what planet you are on. He also told us that over forty two of the constellations were named by Greeks.

On Monday to Thursday last week in year 6 we had SATS practice and today we found out how we did in each test.


Mia and Kieran


Hi, let’s start this off by saying thank you to the pantomime performers. This morning we had the pleasure of watching Aladdin as a pantomime!

This week in English Year 6 started identifying the key features of gothic stories. It is not what we would normally choose to write about but so far we are enjoying it. In maths we are learning about the four rules of fractions.

On Thursday the 21st of November we made Christmas decorations in the new hall.  Lots of parents gave up their time to help us. The Christmas tree is coming on Monday. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!* It is only November, no need to check your calendars*.


Kieran and Mia