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Head Boy and Girl Blog

Entry 4

This week Year 6 have been working really hard on our mock SATs. We have done our SPaG, Spelling, Reading, Arithmetic, Reasoning and then Reasoning again. In our spare time we were working on a project where we could choose the topic ourselves. I chose Guide Dogs for the Blind and Altaf chose Space. These are being judged today and there will be a winner from each class. The winners will receive a prize. We’re excited to see who they are!


Entry 3

This week year 5 and 6 have had a World War 2 day to help with our topic this term. We did all sorts of fun things such as the drill, a quiz and some singing and dancing. Some children were picked to dress up in soldier uniform, wear armbands and also got given different jobs. This is called the Home Guard. Our favourite part was the dancing and the drill because it was so fun (Corporal Vincent was a little scary!). Check Facebook for more photos! We will keep you up to date with other fun activities at our school.



Entry 2

Last term was an amazing 1st term for us! We really enjoyed helping out with assemblies on a Friday and having different meetings with Mr. Perry and Miss Beevis. Next week we have got Remembrance Day and we and some of the other year 6s are going around to each class every afternoon to sell snap bands, poppies, bracelets, poppy badges and other things. If your child would like a poppy or snap band they are 50pence for a poppy or £1 for a snap band.

We look forward to writing again soon!


Entry 1

Welcome to our Head Boy and Girl blog!

We are very excited to represent Regis Manor by being Head Boy and Girl. To get this responsibility we had to write a letter to Mr Perry and Miss Beevis and tell them why we should be chosen. We believe that we are helpful and considerate and Mr Perry and Miss Beevis clearly agree!

This blog will be updated regularly so make sure you keep in touch.