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Kent Test Leaflet

Year 6 Non-uniform letter

Production Letter - Year 3


Year 6 Breakfast Club

Creepy Claws Visit Year R

Year R School Trip Letter

Year 5 School Trip Letter

Year 6 Easter Revision

Term 5 and 6 Key Dates

Year 6 Mathletics Competition

Explore Learning

Work Sharing - Term 5

Year R Fairy Feast


Year 5 Production Letter

Year 1 and 2 Victorian Workshop Day

Year 1 Victorian Day

Comic Relief Letter

EYFS Phonics Letter

Parent Consultations Letter

Year 3 Consultations Change

Bagel Breakfast Letter

Team Theme Club Letter

Year 2 Trip Letter

Dress Up Day Letter

Book Swap Letter

Year 2 Trip Letter

Work Sharing Letter

Year 6 Trip Letter

Astrodome Letter - Years 5 and 6

Year 3 and 5 Production Dates


Team Theme Club Letter

Trial Lunchtime Change

FoRMS Valentine Disco letter


Nursery and Year Biscuits and Books invite

Year 4 Production letter

Sponsored Read

Census Day Lunch

FoRMs Non-Uniform Letter

Year R Admissions Reminder

Mathletics Letter

North Street Path Change

Term 3 Open Mornings



Terms 3 and 4 Key Dates Letter

Christmas Party Letter

Final Day Reminder Letter

Nursery Stay and Play

Year 6 Puberty Letter


Year R Stay and Play

Year 1 Production

Year R Production

FORMS Xmas Disco 

FORMS Year R Cinema Evening

Miss Campbell Name Change Letter

Church Carol Service

Phonics Workshop 2018

Miss Hammond Maternity Letter 2

5H Staffing Letter

Uniform Policy and Expectations Letter

Children In Need Letter

Year 5 Homework Letter

Year R Admission 2019 Letter

KS2 Local Walks Letter

KS1 Local Walks Letter


Flu Vaccination Letter

Remembrance Week Letter

Work Sharing Letter

Miss Hammond Maternity Leave Letter

Team Theme Tag Rugby After School Club

Year R Works Letter

Fireworks Letter

Open Afternoon Poster

Creepy Crawlies Letter - Year 5 and 6


Year 3 and 4 Trip Letter

Parent Council Information Letter

Pupil Premium Letter_Reception

Kent Children's University (Year 1 and 4)

Secondary Transfer Letter 2019

After School Club Booking Form - Term 2

Swimming Letter - Year 5

Kent Test Letter

How to Make a ParentPay Booking

Open Afternoon Letter - Term 1

Mathletics Letter

Jeans for Genes Day

Year 5 and 6 Greek Food Tasting Letter

6L Parent Meeting Letter

Key Dates Term 1 and 2 Letter


Uniform Letter