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Walk On Wednesdays

At Regis Manor Primary school we are proud to be involved in the KM Walk to School campaign. We use Green Footsteps as a fantastic way to encourage children to walk to school where possible, rather than travel by car. This has many benefits which include:
• being kinder to the environment,
• promoting fitness and
• easing traffic congestion.

Children will also feel more alert and ready to learn. Green Footsteps also gives children the opportunity to learn essential road safety skills. In addition to walking, children have the choice to ride their bike or scooter. We understand that driving a car to school is sometimes necessary. Children can still take part however, as you can park further away from the school and walk the last five or ten minutes. It all counts!

Every Wednesday a monitor from year 6 visits each class and collects the data showing the number of children who walked to school that day. Those who cycle or use their scooter are of course included in the data. The figures are then updated to the KM walk to school campaign. The data is monitored and the winning class receive a super trophy which they can display in their classroom all week! Some children have been lucky enough to visit Leeds Castle to receive our school Walk to School certificate.

All of our children’s hard work has resulted in us earning the Silver Travel Mark in 2019-2020!

Our aim is to encourage as many children as we can to walk to school, so let’s get walking!