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Reopening Update Message -

As you are probably aware, the government confirmed yesterday that certain year groups in primary schools will soon begin to return to school. To enable this to happen and to ensure the safety and well-being of all pupils and staff, Swale Academies Trust is completing rigorous risk assessments in all schools. 

Our school is now preparing the site for wider reopening and ensuring that the right equipment is in place.  A phased return of Reception, Years 1 and 6 will start from Monday 8th June.  This will be a staggered start with year groups returning over a couple of weeks and detailed information about new arrangements will be shared with parents and carers early next week.


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Staffing 2019-2020

Primary Improvement Team

Trust Principal Mr J. Whitcombe
Director of Primaries Mr M. Wilson
Advisory Head – Trust Primaries Mrs C. Wood

School Leadership

Executive Headteacher Mrs K. Mirams
Head of School Mr M. Perry Deputy
(and Inclusion Lead)
Miss C. Beevis
Deputy Headteacher Mrs K. Low
Assistant Headteacher
( and Year 1 and 2 Lead)
Miss D. Hammond
Assistant Headteacher
(and Year 5 and 6 Lead)
Mr E. Fincham
EFYS Leader Mrs E. King
Phase Leader
(Years 3 and 4)
Mr C. Pettett

Pupil Support

Family Liaison Officer Mrs S. Best
Inclusion Assistant Mrs S. Millington
Inclusion Assistant Mrs N. Grain
Speech and Language TA Mrs C. Pattern


Class Teacher Support Staff
Nursery Miss R. Lee Mrs J. Lock, Mrs R. Pearson 
RK Mrs E. King

Miss J. Allen
Mrs T. Olteanu
Mrs E. Powsey
Mrs V. Watts

RV Miss B. Vella
RW Mrs C. Williams
1G Miss C. Goodman Mrs V. Carle
1L Miss K. Lawry Mrs F. Legg
1S Mrs K Simpkins Mrs K. Hoad
Mrs L. Sutton
2HB Miss D. Hammond
Mrs K. Bull
Miss J. Bean
2C Mrs N. Cousin Mrs T. Serjeant
Mrs T. Evans
3D Miss L. Davis Mrs L. Foley
3V Mr R. Vidler Mrs N. Ransley
4B Miss S. Barrett Mrs D. Cardwell
 Mrs N. Pipe
4P Mr C. Pettett Ms K. Chapman
5B Miss J. Beard Mrs S. Brackstone
5P Miss H. Pearce Mrs C. Fry
6F Mr E. Fincham Mrs J. Vitler
6P Mrs S. Pearce Mrs T. Hearnden
Mr A. Magrath
4P Mr S. Clarke – Schools Direct
HLTA Mrs L. Grant
HLTA Mrs E. Hawkins
HLTA Mrs L. Olson
HLTA Mrs K. Ramsden

Non-Class Based Staff

Office Manager Mrs S. Roe
Office Staff Mrs J. HcHugh
Caretaker Mr P. Doust
Site Staff Mrs S. Ash
Site Staff Mrs J. Newing
Kitchen Manager Mrs K. Ivory
Kitchen Staff Miss S. Gardner
Kitchen Staff Miss C. Fontaine
Kitchen Staff Miss G. Thrall
Lead MMS Mrs S. Ash
MMS Mrs D. Broad
Mrs T. Curtis
Mrs M. Darby
Mrs A. Hatari
Mrs N. Honey
Mr L. Howard
Mrs K. Leadbetter
Mrs U. Lewis
Miss C. Newing
Mrs A. Pearce
Mrs T. Woods
Mrs M. Young
After School Club Manager Mrs T Serjeant
After School Club Staff Mrs F. Legg