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Reopening Update Message -

As you are probably aware, the government confirmed yesterday that certain year groups in primary schools will soon begin to return to school. To enable this to happen and to ensure the safety and well-being of all pupils and staff, Swale Academies Trust is completing rigorous risk assessments in all schools. 

Our school is now preparing the site for wider reopening and ensuring that the right equipment is in place.  A phased return of Reception, Years 1 and 6 will start from Monday 8th June.  This will be a staggered start with year groups returning over a couple of weeks and detailed information about new arrangements will be shared with parents and carers early next week.


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Young Voices

Young Voices Concerts

Nothing can prepare you for the sound of thousands of children singing in harmony. Young Voices
combines the power of singing together as one, with accompaniment from a wide range of
musicians and artists, to create an amazing performance.
Every year, schools across the country practise the songs to prepare themselves to take part in these
massive concerts. With a full live band, backing singers and the internationally acclaimed conductor
David Lawrence, it makes for one of the most exciting and memorable musical experiences you can
Singing in such a large choir means you don’t have to be a great singer – as long as you sing 'loud and
proud' you’ll have a fantastic experience! We would encourage any child who wishes to experience a
massive, live music concert to consider joining us.
There is always a mixture of music which has ranged from contemporary to classic. We have also
had special guests including Tony Hadley and Ruti.
In order to take part you need to be a member of KS2 choir and regularly attend rehearsals Tuesdays
before school. Children will also need to commit to learning the songs and actions so they can
immerse themselves fully in the experience.
There is a cost for the trip, including the registration fee and coach travel. We believe this will be
around £16 per child. There are optional purchases of a t-shirt (including torch & wristband) for
approximately £12.00. Parents are also welcome to come and watch the concert (definitely
recommended) – tickets are available for approximately £23.
For further information please visit the Young Voices website
YV 2021 is coming soon…