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Book Corner Competition!


For the last few weeks, the staff and children at Regis Manor have been in competition with each other to see who can create the best Book Corner!

Inviting Book Corners can encourage children to read and to perhaps choose texts they wouldn't usually so we wanted to see what amazing ideas everybody could come up with and of course, we weren't disappointed!

The Reading Champions from each class were given criteria to mark each Book Corner against such as 'Is there comfortable seating?' and 'Is there a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books available?' and then there was a vote to decide the winner for each Key Stage.

The Reading Champions chose the following winners because they were 'eye-catching, exciting, cosy and cool!'  and we agree with them!

Well done to everybody for making such a huge effort with their Book Corners and an extra well done to RK, 1D, 2H and 3V as our winners!