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Sports Leaders


This news item has been brought to you by our Media Team! All information, articles and photographs have been taken and created by the pupils.


Recently our Regis Manor Sports Leaders travelled to Iwade Primary School. They met a woman called Mel who is in charge of the school athletic tournaments. They discussed all of the roles that they could have as Sports Leaders and their responsibilities (so hopefully now they will be good at their job).They invented their own sport games that were a bit more fun than the basics like: basketball, football, netball, cricket, rugby and rounders. When they did that they could use ideas that the people had already come up with or they could use their own ideas. They had 15 minutes to plan their games and 5 minutes to test it out before the Sports Leaders from different schools tried it out and then of course our Sports Leaders tried the other games.  They each received a certificate to show they are now Sports Leader trained. We’re excited to have the Sports Leaders organise some new activities in our school!