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A Guide to ParentPay



Log in with username and password provided previously (if you need these again, please contact the school office)

Click on the house icon

Click on the three lines

Click on the child's name

Click on the three lines

Choose 'Bookings'

Choose 'Make or View Bookings'

Choose 'Make or View Bookings' again

Scroll down to 'Week Commencing' icon

Click on 'Book a Meal'. The box will turn green

If a padlock shows on a date, you cannot book a meal - scroll across to the right to reveal the rest of the days for that week.

If you book a meal in error, click 'Clear Day' then click 'Confirm'

Scroll down the screen

Click 'Confirm Bookings'

Click 'Pay Now'

Enter card details

You should receive an email confirming your booking

If you book but do not pay within 2 hours, your booking will be cancelled.